Current Live Line Up:
Jerry Hergenreder- guitars and Vocals
Stephanie Sapienza- Vocals and guitar
Bill Kalish Drums

Paul Hyland Bass

Jimmy Cavanaugh- Bass in Studio
Camille Miller  toured 2018 and sings on Close enought To Fix EP

Three guys released the first EP ( Iridescent). We had a blast and met a lot of people. Two guys continue to play. We are about having fun at the end of the day. It is about inclusion verses exclusion.

Bill and I grew up in DC. We played in a band called the Young Caucasians in the eighties. When we were weekend warriors. We released indie rock, though some called it punk, not sure why. And we mostly paid for the indie pressings by playing the DC Go Go circuit. Oh they were so tolerant and welcoming of us. After a year, we no longer sucked and could do stadiums with them like at North Carolina A&T with Trouble, UTFO, The Real Roxanne and Shannon…. And us go-go white boys. Bless them. And in rock clubs we would play for The Ramones, The Ventures, The Tubes, 10,000 Maniacs, They Might Be Giants, Living Colour and more Bill can likely add some names. Bit of a Blur really. LOL The Reagan Inaugural we were in freezing non insulated Chevy van driving to Boston where we could record with Eban Kelly who produced New Kids on the Block. Sadly he made us sound like that, which did not really work ….for anyone.

We were part of the dc scene where every musician was a messenger. Oh, the name is a tribute to the Washington School of Color and Light. As we are from DC, we wanted to pay homage to something SO DC that was not political. Art is cool…and the name Horace and Dickey's was taken. So Color School it was. Our bass player came up with the name. But he rejoined one of his old punk bands. Which is OK because we kind of want to dance more and include more styles from all around this wonderful City. Come dance with us?? Hope you enjoy our new single.




​Discography:      Iridescent EP released 2012

Band Geneology:
(before playing together, members were in the following bands)​
Velvet Monkees, High Back Chairs, Young Caucasians, Dream Kitchen, The Dispensers, Revellaires​

People We have Played With-

Bill and I have opened for The Ramones, Fishibone, They Might Be Giants, Ten Thousand Maniacs, Phillip Philiips, Bowling For Soup,The Alarm, The Tubes, The Ventures, Cheifs of Releif, The Del Fuegos, Root Boy Slim, Trouble Funk, EU, Rare Essence, Chuck Brown, The Real Roxanne, UTFO, Blotto, The Silos, Pressure Boys, Smoking Dave and The Primo Dopes, Insect Surfers, Slickee Boys. 

Jerry has also opened for  Hooties and The Blowfish, Spin Doctors, Innocence Mission, David Bromberg, Peter Case.  And sang a mass with Mary Lou Williams.....(in highschool)  hahaha

We miss College Radio